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A Brief History.
I fell in love with house music at an early age, house parties and stolen tapes from an uncles nightclub pushed me into a life non refundable. Chicago House/Jack was hitting the club scene but I was still hitting the homework books. Record collecting seemed to be the only logical way of getting close to being a Dj.

M.A.R.R.SFarley Jackmaster FunkPublic EnemyDoug E FreshFast Eddie and the The Prodigy stood proud in my record bag.  How I mixed between the styles still makes me wonder to this day.  I wish I still had those old tapes.

Several electric shocks and a long term gig at a local community centre later, I was ready for the big time – a one hour slot warming up for a resident while he did his hair and re-aligned his acid house badge!

The Acid House era had landed with a bang, well more like a wobble but either way it was here.
I spent the next few years battered and sponging my way onto the decks at any given moment. To be honest I was probably the type of person I hate now.

By now I was playing residencies in basement sections of nightclubs and running the college gigs. De-la-Soul, Flower Power and Dungarees were now playing a big part in my life. Shell suits, British Knights and tag belts a plenty, I pushed through the early 90’s building my track collection and shoulder muscles, 12″ Records were bloody heavy!

’96 came and everything shifted gears. House music for me changed that year with the influx of brilliant labels; Positiva , Manifesto and AM:PM playing a massive part in my sets.
’96 was also the year I met one of my life time heroes, Steve Parry. Steve played upstairs at Tall Trees, Yarm and pushed not only my career but also my understanding of House even further. I teamed up with him and grabbed residencies at two of Middlesbrough’s most prestigious bars of the time,  Spensley’s Emporium and The Dicken’s Inn. Sadly Steve passed away whilst I was living abroad. R.I.P Mate

’97-2001. Tenerife – The Garage Years
During this time, I played residency at several clubs, focusing mainly on after hours, at stupid o’clock nightclubs. Getting a better kick from playing to the locals rather than tourists, I don’t know what it was but they seemed to understand me more even though I couldn’t speak their language.

2001 – 2013
The Millennium passed and it was time to move back home, my organs were spitting out sludge and I was about to become a father. I kicked about for a year or so before playing residencies at Revolution bars across the country: Hull, Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Doncaster and Lincoln.

Other Residencies
The Piper, Soho, Oscars, Rhythm Room, Duice, Terrace & more guest spots than I can remember.

Alongside this I was running a weekly internet radio show for

Which leads me to the present.
Currently i’m still running residency. You can find me here…

THURSDAYS – Oscars Bar • Silver Street Hull

FRIDAYS – Soho Lounge • Old Town Hull

SATURDAYS – The Piper • Newland Avenue Hull

If you’d like to listen to my music styles, download some mixes, they’ll explain themselves 🙂

Thanks for reading my bullshit, I could have put a list of jobs but where’s the fun in that? If your reading you need a hobby (not DJing)

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