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London Hood

Brothers Promise
Two brothers who share a dark secret having spent years operating as black ops special forces soliders find themselves in a war very close to home.

Their niece has been abducted by an underground organisation as leverage over the brothers to assist them on a highly illegal mission. The brother’s are faced with a life and death decision and the outcome will test the love and trust they share for one another.

The clock is ticking and the Brothers are coming…

London Hood
Journalist Anna Banbury is pulling together a feature on life after sport and her researcher has handed her an interesting mix of highly paid and low paid athletes to explore.

One of the potential candidates is a former world champion kickboxer who appears to have abruptly left the sport in a shadow of speculation around a gambling addiction and major debts!

Anna manages to land an interview with the former fighter and quickly finds herself exposed to the truth and hurled into experiencing a very dark side of London!

Both movies are in post production
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